Blog takeover: 7th grade bloggers


The Middle School Bloggers are (L to R) Charles Steptoe, Jack Boyd, Carter Hartsock, Zach Workman, and Carter Fowkes. Special thanks to their teacher Linda McCoy!

People often refer to the middle school years as the most difficult of their lives; however, here at Trinity, middle school is awesome! We, the 7th-grade bloggers, want to share some of the wonderful activities and classes TCS has offered us so far this year.

The year opened on a positive note when middle schoolers were given a choice of electives to take. Electives offered this year are Art with Mrs. Pollock, Band with Mr. Hamm, M-S Blog with Mrs. McCoy, Choir/Drama with Mr. Diamond, and STEM with Dr. Campbell. When asked, the majority of students responded that they are satisfied with their elective and shared positive feedback with our blog staff! Mrs. McCoy said that she is thrilled with the five student bloggers in her class.  

“These boys weren’t quite sure what to expect from this class at first. But each day I hear them laugh and encourage each other while we create life experiences that are shared through writing!”  ~  Mrs. McCoy

Dr. Campbell’s STEM students are excited to learn about robotics and many feel that they are challenged with the interactive learning approach.

Sports is another wonderful opportunity for our middle school students to participate. The inaugural year of our football team has been one of learning and excitement!  With each game played, our team has improved and gained confidence. The season ended positively with two spectacular wins! Other sports that have had successful seasons this year are the volleyball, cross-country, and soccer teams. We are proud of all the players, cheerleaders, coaches and staff for their courage and perseverance. Exciting things are happening at Trinity!

Middle School student council elections occurred in October with the following results:

6th grade – Ethan Tomlinson and Arlie Humphreys,  7th grade – Ben Lohmann and Kyndel Kisner, and 8th grade – Levi Teets, Maddie Stellato, Bess Shoemaker, and Jaden Sheffstall.  The middle school student council will be working with Mrs. Barnett and the administration to implement special programs like flings and other extracurricular events. The middle school student council will meet twice every month during their lunchtime. The president will lead the meetings and call for the votes. The vice president will step in for the president in his absence and tally votes and keep track of minutes. Let’s continue to support and give our ideas to those on the student council in order to improve our school.

The Middle School Bonfire headed up by Mrs. Carpenter and the parents gave middle school students the chance to relax and have a good time learning about each other more. It is definitely one of the best events for Middle Schoolers to attend, and we hope there will be more events like it in the Spring. There was a cornhole competition and the winners of the Cornhole Championship were Levi Teets and Will Hancox. The runners-up were Zachary Workman and Will McPherson. Later in the evening as we gathered around the campfire, Mr. Teets spoke about treating other people with kindness and how we shouldn’t judge others. It was a moving experience to hear the students along with parents and teachers singing songs and worshipping God together in this peaceful setting!

As we continue throughout this year, our hope is to grow and mature in Christ and to participate in all that He has provided for us at Trinity Christian School. Please keep our middle school students and our school in prayer!

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