Bunnies, fish, and the great outdoors

There is an abundance of creative energy on the Trinity campus. To start the school year, some of our youngest students embarked on a “Bunny Hunt”. On this trek around the school, the K-4 classes searched for bunnies that were strategically placed in the offices of key staff members to acquaint the little ones with their surroundings and school personnel. While looking for the bunnies, the students brought smiles to the faces of everyone they encountered!

If you pay a visit to Vada Boback’s Science room, you’ll find an ever expanding collection of habitats for her middle school and high school students to study and enjoy. Currently the collection includes a forest pond habitat, a goldfish habitat, a freshwater jelly tank, and a native freshwater tank. She hopes that the collection will grow as the year progresses.

Nature presents so many opportunities to inspire, learn, and grow, so teachers and students alike will welcome the addition of an outdoor learning center to the Trinity Christian School campus. This designated space was financed through last year’s proceeds earned through the Box Tops for Education program. Currently, the landscaping has been finished, with plans to place the river rock this weekend. To complete the project, tables will be purchased with funds from this year’s Box Top collection.

Pre-K4 students visit with Superintendent Ken Howard, while searching his office as part of their Bunny Hunt.

Vada Boback’s science room features a 155 gallon freshwater fish tank with species native to the area, including blue gill, blunt nosed minnows, and crayfish, among others.

Trinity’s beautiful new outdoor learning center will include plant markers, helping students to identify the various species included in the landscaping.

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