Making history

It may be stating the obvious, but history is being made every day. Therein lies the importance of teaching students about the past. Studying historical successes and failures informs our students’ view of the present… Continue Reading

New shoes

A new school year is a bit like a new pair of shoes. They are stylish, clean, and fresh. But they still need to be broken in, and that takes time. The start to this new school year… Continue Reading

Shifting gears

After beginning the week in first gear, the Trinity community has kicked it into drive. New students and faculty members are adjusting well to a fresh educational environment. Several of our veteran teachers are invigorated as they take on… Continue Reading

Getting fit for 2014-15

Getting physically fit takes effort. It involves stretching, pain, endurance, and commitment. It isn’t easy. However, the effort exerted produces great results. The school’s scripture verse for 2014-15 compares physical training and spiritual training, citing the benefits of both.… Continue Reading


Athletes, musicians, and vocalists all know the benefits of a good warm-up. Skip this important step and you’re prone to an injury or a poor performance. We are warming-up for a new year at Trinity and… Continue Reading

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