Sportsmanlike conduct

We all know what unsportsmanlike conduct looks like. The news is filled with those stories. But what about the good stories?

What about the high school kids who take time to hang out or play ball with younger students because they look up to them as buddies and heroes?

Or when opposing teams work together to make magic happen for a couple of special players, sidelined due to injury? Coaches and players set aside the heat of competition long enough to give Trinity seniors Emily Saurborn and Jacob Martin their moment on the big court in Charleston. These are two kids who played their hearts out all season long to help get their teams to the state tournament and, because of good sportsmanship, they were able to see their dream fulfilled.

Good sportsmanship looks like a bunch of Trinity students noticing that the crowd is sparse for a team competing in the tournament. So they joined in to cheer for kids they didn’t know just so they felt supported. They may have left the game a little hoarse, but they gained a new group of friends.

The basketball season of 2018 will be a memorable one for so many reasons. Yes, both teams made it to the State Tournament and that is awesome! We’re so proud of them! But we’re also thankful for the Sportsmanship Award earned by the boys’ team and school. We’re blessed to see mentor relationships continue to grow between our younger and older students. Our teams didn’t bring home the trophy, but they brought home great experiences and made amazing memories.




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