The “Why”

Did you ever wonder about the “why” behind what we do here at Trinity?

Why do our teachers gather early to pray in the mornings?

Why did our staff and volunteers work all summer to clean the building, move classrooms, and work on the property?

Why do our parents sacrifice to send their kids to Trinity?

Why have donors come alongside us to contribute to our programs or volunteer their talents?

The list of what our Trinity family does to keep our school growing and thriving is endless, but there is only one reason behind it all – well, actually 323 reasons – our students. We are called and committed to “glorify God through honoring Christ, inspiring excellence, and educating for life.” Without our students our work is meaningless. What a privilege it is to point them to Christ as we educate for life!

P.S. Yes, that’s our high school Praise Team singing at the end of this video for our first chapel of 2019-20!






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