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Tuition Schedule and Assistance

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Financial Policy and Tuition Grant Program


A non-refundable enrollment fee or re-enrollment fee is required. For a list of enrollment fees, click here.


This is an annual fee that covers the majority of the school’s operational costs.  There are different tuition rates for Pre-School, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and High School.  Tuition grants and scholarships are available and are need-based.

Trinity Christian School offers three tuition payment plans:

  1. Annual payment plan – full tuition due on July 1 ($250 savings for grades K5-12).
  2. Semi-annual payment plan – two equal tuition payments are due on July 1 and January 1. Families choosing an annual or semi-annual plan may utilize the FACTS Automatic Tuition system for automatic tuition withdrawal or use a credit card. (transaction fees for using a credit card are applied) To enroll in FACTS, click here.
  3. Twelve-month plan – twelve equal tuition payments are due monthly, July through June. All families choosing to make monthly tuition payments are required to enroll in FACTS Automatic Tuition Management. To enroll in FACTS, click here.

Tuition Credits

All Trinity families are offered tuition credit opportunities.

New student/family referral credit: We offer current Trinity families the opportunity to offset tuition for each new student they refer who is accepted and enrolls at Trinity. If the new student applying will be entering grades K-12, the referring family will receive up to a $1,500.00 tuition credit for each new student. If the new student applying is in grades K3 or K4, the family will receive up to a $240.00 tuition credit for each new student. Tuition credits may not exceed the cost of the referring family’s tuition balance and there will not be a credit carryover for future balances or a cash refund.

SCRIP program: Trinity Christian School Non-Profit Corporation sponsors a Scrip program which allows you to purchase Scrip. The Scrip you purchase through our program generates rebates from the participating retailers. These rebates can be used as a credit to your tuition account or a gift to the school. To learn more about Scrip, click here.

Try Trinity Tuition Assistance Program (2016 – 2017 school year)

To learn more about this exciting new tuition assistance program for students who have never enrolled at Trinity Christian School, click here.

Trinity Christian School Tuition Grant Program

It is the desire of the Board of Trinity Christian School that no child be turned away due to finances.  Each year the Board budgets tuition income to be used for grants that are based on need.

To be considered for a tuition grant, a family must demonstrate financial need and the student(s) must be enrolling in grades K-12.  To determine a family’s financial need, Trinity Christian School uses FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment.  Families applying for a tuition grant at TCS must submit a FACTS Grant and Aid Application, one for each parent in the case of separated or divorced parents, providing detailed information to FACTS.  Then FACTS evaluates the information based on a formula nationally accepted by over 2,600 educational institutions.

Many parents believe that their income level is the sole determinant in qualifying for a tuition grant.  Although income plays an important role, it is not the only factor in determining financial need.  Other factors include parent assets, number of children in tuition-charging institutions, family size, age of parents (allowing for retirement savings), and level of outstanding debt (consumer debt, mortgages, other loans, etc.).

In addition to its consideration of these factors, FACTS protects a certain level of income based on family size.  This process helps determine “Income after Core Expenses” and a portion of that is then suggested as the family contribution for education. The result of the evaluation is sent to Trinity.  While these figures serve as good benchmarks, Trinity’s distribution of tuition grants uses the FACTS recommendation only as a guide.

Despite a strong commitment to our tuition grant program, each year the number of students who qualify for tuition grants is more than we can fully support.  TCS seeks to distribute tuition grants to all those who show a need.

We encourage you to begin this process as soon as possible.  Families who have completed the tuition grant and application processes and have been accepted will be mailed an enrollment contract indicating the tuition grant award.  By signing and returning the contract, a family accepts the award.  Families who choose not to return contracts by the specified date may have their award revoked for redistribution to other candidates.

Trinity Christian School Scholarship Program

The Trinity Christian School scholarships honor individuals, families, and organizations that partner with the school to ensure that every child who desires a Christian education is given the opportunity to enroll.  The scholarships are available to new students (Kindergarten through 5th grade) who meet the admissions and scholarship criteria. To be considered for a scholarship, candidates must submit a Scholarship Application Form by June 1, 2016, as well as the application for a tuition grant through FACTS.  Scholarship recipients are selected by the Trinity Christian School Tuition Grant and Scholarship committee. For a complete list of scholarships, please click here. This scholarship list is updated yearly.

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