Board of Directors/Bylaws/Spiritual Advisory Board

Board of Directors – Email: board@tcswv.org


Dave Sharp – Board Chair  (Term expires 6/30/2024)

Email: tcsboardchair@tcswv.org

Steve Finn –Vice-Chair (Term expires 6/30/2024)

Ed Tomlinson – Secretary  (Term expires 6/30/2026)

Conrad Baston – Treasurer (Term expires 6/30/2026)

Board Members 

Cheryl Dixon (Term expires 6/30/2025)

Jared Jenkins (Term expires 6/30/2025)

Tracey Whitted (Term expires 6/30/2024)

TC President

Lorena Ballester – TC President  (Term expires 6/30/2024)

Email: tcpresident@tcswv.org

Spiritual Advisory Board

Roy Baker – Board Chair

Josh Rhodes – Secretary

Kenny Basnett

Stephen Dodrill

Chris Priestley

James Sabin

Trinity Christian School Corporation Bylaws – Revised and Updated May 2020

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