A High School Perspective: Homecoming 2022

by Audrey Kurcaba, Eleventh Grade

A few weeks ago, Trinity held their “Spirit Week” followed by the homecoming game and dance. Put together by the student council, students came dressed fit for several different themes such as “Adam Sandler Day” and “Soccer Moms and Barbecue Dads”. Trinity closed the week with a pep rally and the game of the year, which was followed by a bonfire with lots of snacks and desserts.

The homecoming dance, A Starry Night, was also a key component of the week. It was an opportunity for high school students to come together, get dressed up, and take pictures with the beautiful fall foliage. The dance was put together by the hard-working student council, resulting in an enchanting event decorated with fairy lights, accentuated with balloons and navy blue backdrops. A variety of sweets, including brownies, cookies, and cake pops were provided for those who wanted a snack. Students spent the evening dancing to music and enjoying time with their friends, some even choosing to extend the night by going to other fall festivals. The dance was incredible; it was the perfect way to end our homecoming week.

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