Artful living

We are surrounded by beauty. Our Creator has masterfully painted the skies, sculpted the hills, and clothed the flowers. It’s only fitting that arts instruction is integrated into the curriculum at Trinity Christian School.

Visual art enlivens the interiors of the school. Our student-artists breathe life and beauty into the hallways and classrooms through their creative expressions. We’re thankful for our dedicated Art faculty who encourage and instruct our students at all grade levels.

4thgrade art rotation 10-2012

Fourth grade students work on a drawing exercise during a recent art class.

Colorful drawings by first grade students brighten a school hallway.

3rdgrade pumpkins_10-2013

Third grade students employed several techniques to create beautiful autumn scenes.


Owls, apples, leaves

Pizza boxes transformed into owls, leaf plaster castings and rubbings, and three-dimensional apples form a festive display in the elementary wing.

Art I students combined creativity and craft to construct papier mâché animals.


Mugs and watercolor booklets fashioned by seventh grade art students adorn the library shelves.

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