Biblical Lifestyle Statement

TRINITY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is a religious, non-profit, private Christian school representing Jesus Christ by helping parents prepare their children spiritually, academically, physically, and socially to become His disciples.  The Biblical and philosophical goal of TRINITY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is to work with families who desire that they and their children develop into mature, Christ-like individuals who will be able to exhibit a Christ-like life.

TRINITY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL requires that employees, families and students maintain high standards of Biblical conduct, living their lives as Christian role models at all times in and out of the school environment. Employees, families and students are expected to demonstrate a teachable spirit, an ability to share love for others, and a willingness to follow authority.  A Christian lifestyle should reflect the Biblical standards and principles associated with demonstrating strong character, appropriate personal and family relationships, personal conduct, and moral behavior.  It is also the goal of TRINITY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL to foster an environment where each employee and student will display conduct that encourages others to continually develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

TRINITY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL’s Biblical role is to work in conjunction with families to mold students to be Christ-like.  On occasion, an employee, family, or student’s conduct may be in opposition to the Biblical lifestyle and standards the school teaches and follows.  In such cases, the school reserves the right, within its sole discretion as a non-profit Christian school, to dismiss an employee, family or student or discontinue the enrollment and admission process of a prospective student, for violating school prescribed standards of a Biblical lifestyle.

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