Throughout this week, it was easy to see a recurrent theme of commitment. 

When temperatures dropped this week, our spring athletes remained committed to play despite unseasonable cold and windy conditions. The tennis team showed commitment when the whole team worked together to clean the courts of water and debris so they could compete.

Coach Hopkins’s and the softball team’s commitment to the program is paying dividends. They are off to an incredible 5-0 start to the season after only scoring one win the previous two seasons since restarting the program!

Today we had the privilege of honoring the dedication and commitment of local pastors at the annual Pastor Appreciation Brunch. We hope they felt encouraged and blessed as they fellowshipped over a shared meal. 

The list goes on:

  • Our Praise Team continually commits hours of practice and preparation to lead the school community in worship. This week they went above and beyond when they prepared a worship set that lasted the entire chapel time. 
  • Behind the scenes, our student tech crew supports the Praise Team’s efforts and helps things run smoothly. 
  • Students, parents, and staff show their commitment to Christian education as they busily prepare for one of the school’s biggest fundraisers, the Hoop-A-Thon! A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to pull off this fun event. 

Out of all the areas of commitment, nothing can top what Christ has done for us. As we care for one another, work, play, study, and grow, may we always remember that being committed to Him takes precedence over all else. Our relationship with Him gives meaning and fulfillment to all the other areas of our lives. 


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