Don’t forget

Today, we shared this “Throwback Thursday” photo on our Facebook and Instagram pages showing where we started as a school and where we are now. The post is a visual reminder of how far God has brought Trinity Christian School over the past 25 years. 


The Word of God tells us to remember what God has done for His people. (See Deuteronomy 8 and Psalm 77 for a few examples.) The school’s 25th anniversary is a great opportunity to reflect on God’s faithfulness over the years. 

We don’t want to forget how He provided this beautiful land and building for our students. We don’t want to forget that we can freely gather for chapel each week and teach from the Bible daily. We don’t want to forget that students are learning and growing in all aspects of their lives. We don’t want to forget the many, many answers to prayer over the years. 

Together, let’s not forget. Let’s praise Him for what He has done! Let’s thank Him for His amazing history of goodness to our school and not forget to entrust Him with its future. 

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