First the blade

Planting, watering, waiting: it’s a theme we see throughout the Word of God. Sometimes our wait time is short. Other times it seems endless. Raising children can be similar. We plant seeds of truth, of faith, of love, and we wait. Sometimes we see fruit quickly. Other times the wait is longer.

Building a Christian school community is no different. There are many little steps that lead up to seeing fruit. But, what a harvest! Planting eternal truths in young lives, cultivating each student’s gifts and abilities , for the glory of God, is at the heart of all we do.

At Trinity Christian School, we’re so thankful to plant, water, and wait together: families, churches, faculty and staff, our community of supporters. We can’t wait to see the things that grow this year!

Just like the tender grasses on the newly planted Athletic field, seeds are being planted as students study God’s Word.

God’s creation of the animals on the sixth day was the focus when the Kindergarten class celebrated Pet Day.

Purchases made by our families added up to Trinity winning the first week of Earning for Learning. Superintendent Ken Howard receives a check for $250 from Harry Grandon II, General Manager of the Morgantown Mall. Thanks for your participation!

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