Grumpy or Grateful?

Today in Elementary Chapel, the first-grade class presented the story of Jonah in a unique and entertaining way. Using the book Jonah and the Very Big Fish by Tim Thornborough, the students reenacted the Biblical account of the “grumpy” prophet, as Thornborough described him. 

The play was cute and funny while conveying the serious message behind the story: God is gracious and longsuffering, saving those whom others, like Jonah, may feel are undeserving. God not only showed grace to the Ninevites, but He was also gracious and patient with grumpy Jonah. 

What a great reminder for us all! May Jonah’s story challenge us to be grateful for God’s grace—towards us and others—while being obedient to His call on our lives, whether we always understand it or not.

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