His Heart

Valentine’s Day might be over but a big red paper heart still adorns the wall of the school’s main hallway. The large heart is covered with Bible verses and words describing attributes of God-—timeless truths that outlive holidays and seasons. His love is unconditional and never fails. 

In a world filled with messages contrary to God’s Word, it’s great to be reminded of His love for us and how we should love one another. Just like the big and little hearts on the wall, we can see His love at work in our staff, students, and families in big and little ways. We see His love through the pastors who support and disciple our students. We see His love in acts of kindness from our Staff Encouragement Committee. We see His love in handmade cards from students sent to a stranger. 

In what ways have you seen His love displayed at Trinity Christian School? Feel free to share them with us via email at for inclusion in our weekly Monday Memo or in a social media post. 



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