Kindergarten at Trinity

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What does kindergarten look like at Trinity?

The classroom is a welcoming and fun environment with brightly colored walls adorned with posters and educational displays. The classroom is a direct reflection of the educational philosophy of the kindergarten faculty. Fun, motivational lessons and learning activities are designed to engage and stimulate skills that are critical for higher-level thinking and application. We strive to accommodate all learning styles and assure that no student slips through the cracks, no student is lonely, and every student is confident and safe in the classroom.

Current kindergarten teacher Jodi Shoemaker’s approach to education is best expressed in her own words. “Every year God blesses me with a classroom full of unique gifts. Each one wrapped tightly in his or her own perfect personality. Beaming faces eager to learn, share and explore welcome me to a journey through learning. My love for teaching kindergarten stems from a rooted belief that this is truly where God has called me. It’s a great feeling to wake up each morning knowing without a doubt I belong here. He has taught me that through love and patience we can accomplish anything.”

Here’s what our parents say about Kindergarten at Trinity:

The kindergarten program at Trinity Christian School is a personal, professional, warm, creative, and loving place.  The advances that our daughter is making academically, spiritually, and socially are visible every single day.  We could not be more satisfied with the program and its personnel, and recommend it highly to anyone who is seeking an excellent resource for Christian education.

There is always an opportunity to be involved with your child in their classroom — from Read Aloud, Classroom parties, Field Trips, School functions, or Weekly Chapel.  You have the chance to meet and build relationships with other parents, children and the Teachers and Staff.  It is a welcoming and parent-friendly school.

We are grateful to God for the opportunity to send our children to Trinity Christian School! TCS provides a quality education as well as an opportunity to reinforce some of the values that our family holds tightly to.

We love the positive feedback, encouragement and the love that our K-5 Teacher and Aide bring to the kids. We are thankful that our little girl is learning to read, write, and grasp basic academic skills to help her be educated for life!

I was so uneasy thinking about my son starting kindergarten and being away from me during the day.  I can now say that his teachers have put my heart and mind at ease by loving my son and always showing kindness, love and understanding towards him and his classmates.  Trinity Christian School has an excellent kindergarten curriculum and my son is excelling and loves learning for which I am grateful. I am thankful for the Christian-based learning and values my son is taught at home but then also supplemented in our school.

My daughter LOVES kindergarten at Trinity Christian School! She is excited to go to school everyday day. The teachers are always so full of praise and love for the kids.  You can rest assured that your child is in a loving nurturing and stimulating environment at Trinity. Bible is my daughter’s favorite class and she is always excited to tell me about what she is learning about Jesus.

I am beyond grateful that my daughter gets to have her kindergarten experience at Trinity. Her teachers are the best. I have never seen a classroom where the teachers genuinely love the students as they do, while still holding them to high standards both academically and in regards to their behavior, and my child needed this environment. I am thrilled to see her handwriting improve, and she is reading stories to me, and writing legible numbers. I am blown away. Every day when I pick her up and ask her about her day, she gives me a bubbly answer about who she played with at recess, shows me the reward stickers and messages on her school papers, tells me Bible stories from class, or excitedly informs me that the class had hot chocolate or got to pick from their prize box. She is thriving in this school. Just watching her on stage at their Christmas concert, eyes shining, doing the hand motions to the song and singing her heart out, brings tears to my eyes and I know my family made the right decision enrolling her in this school. Again, we are so grateful to her teachers for showing patience and kindness to her each day, always encouraging her as she learns new objectives! Thank you to the kindergarten teachers at Trinity Christian School!

We have been completely thrilled with our son’s kindergarten experience with Mrs. Shoemaker and Mrs. Hagedorn this school year. What a blessing we have as parents, to know that our son is at school with Christian teachers who love them. It’s very evident how much son loves Kindergarten with his continued enthusiasm about his school weeks at Trinity. The growth we are witnessing with Ben is also so encouraging.  Each week he’s making new connections on all levels. He’s excelling spiritually, academically, and socially.  Thank you for offering such an amazing experience with top notch teachers!

We are so happy with Trinity’s kindergarten program. Mrs. Shoemaker is the most loving and caring teacher! Mrs. Hagedorn, her assistant, and Mrs. Shoemaker make a great team. I know my child will be well cared for and loved while in this classroom. The curriculum is challenging and interesting for my daughter. My son was in this classroom last year, so kindergarten has been consistently wonderful for my children. They are involved in so many hands-on activities. One of my son’s favorite memories is getting to see the life cycle of a chick- which included getting to hold the chicks. My daughter has enjoyed the star lab and has shared many things she has learned about space. She is truly excited to go to school each day. It is a wonderful comfort for an overprotective parent like me to send her to Trinity’s kindergarten classroom.
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