Learn, pray, and grow


A first-grader looks at a praying mantis near the playground.

Our first graders came up with a great riddle the other day.

Where would you find a massive praying mantis? At a Christian school! Because they are always learning, praying, and growing!

Isn’t that wonderful? Even our young students understand we want them to learn, pray, and grow!  We have the daily privilege of witnessing our students develop in so many areas: academics, the arts, athletics, and in their relationships to each other and most importantly, to Christ.

We are thankful for a caring school community in which our students are supported and nurtured to become who God has called them to be.

Thanks, first grade class, for expressing who we are so succinctly and sweetly!

(Be sure to watch this week’s video to the very end…you won’t be disappointed!)

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