Making an impact


It’s amazing to see the impact a teacher can have on their students. Last week, Chaplain Alan Hulley said goodbye after announcing that he would be leaving the school due to a non-life-threatening health issue. The outpouring of love from his students was amazing. It was clear Mr. Hulley had influenced their lives greatly!

Just the other day, third-graders were excitedly conducting an experiment outside for Mrs. Worley’s science class. After placing ice cubes in different spots on campus, the students made observations about how and when the ice cubes melted, recorded their findings, and reported their conclusions. It was a joy to see them being impacted through the learning process!

According to Oxford Languages, impact means to “have a strong effect on someone or something.”

Our teachers, coaches, volunteers, and staff are impacting students daily—often in ways that go undetected at first. Giving students opportunities to make a positive impact on each other or recognizing them when they do is also important. (The expressions of our high school cross country runners as the student body cheered for them before they left for the State Meet speak for themselves!)

We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students and families through Christian education!



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