Out of this World: Computer Science and Engineering Program

“I like Marcus Fisher’s computer programming class because it is hands-on, and you learn through trial and error. You get to learn useful life skills while being creative.” ~ Ethan Tomlinson, Eighth-Grade Computer Science Student

“The projects our students work on are literally out of this world,” says adjunct STEM teacher Marcus Fisher, who is also Chief Engineer for the NASA Independent Verification and Validation Program. As Mr. Fisher describes it, the Computer Science and Engineering program is like a pipeline—it helps students develop their skills from the elementary grades through high school.

“Our kids will be able to thrive in today’s world given the skills and capabilities they leave with,” says Mr. Fisher. “They learn programming, electronics, robotics, cybersecurity, team development, and testing.”

Student Brock Shuba agrees, saying, “This class really pushes me, and it helps me to grow in both coding and problem-solving.”

Teaching students to problem-solve through coding, inspiring them to reach for greater heights, and preparing them for life after high school are just a few goals of the program. Thankfully, the maker-lab at Trinity is more than equipped with the tools students need to achieve these goals.

Providing students with unique and innovative opportunities to apply what they have learned is a driving force behind the program. As a result, students are able to build extremely complex systems by the time they graduate.

As Mr. Fisher put it, “How many kids get a chance to build a spacecraft?”

To learn more about Trinity’s Computer Science and Engineering Program, watch this video.



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