Prayer and Praise

As a Christian school family, we enjoy a variety of privileges. Two of the most important ones are the freedom to pray to and praise our Savior, Jesus Christ.

On Wednesday, our senior class led the secondary students in prayer around the flagpole for See You At the Pole, a global day of student prayer. Throughout the day, the elementary classes also prayed around the flag. It was touching and powerful to see students and staff gather together to call upon God for help and guidance. 

At Trinity Christian, we don’t need a designated day to pray or praise. We have the freedom to do so anytime in classrooms and chapels, at games and performances. We can encourage each student to make prayer and praise integral parts of who they are, not something they do out of duty or obligation. What a gift!

This week’s video begins with students in prayer and ends with students praising. In between are scenes from the week that, hopefully, will cause your heart to swell with praise to God for all He is doing and prompt you to pray for our school. We can never pray or praise Him enough! 

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