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Financial Policy- Annual Summary

Annual Summary: 2020-2021
Payment: Tuition for the following school year begins on July 1.  For the convenience of parents/guardians, TCS currently offers three tuition payment plans:

1.     Annual Plan – full tuition due on July 1 (A $250 savings grades K5-12).

a.     Payable by check to the school or FACTS

2.     Semi-Annual Plan – two equal tuition payments are due on July 1 and January 1.

a.     Payable by check to the school or FACTS

3.     Twelve Month Plan – twelve equal tuition payments are due monthly, July through June.

a.     A FACTS account is required for monthly payment plans.

All payment plans are required to set up a FACTS account for monthly charges (lunch, After Care, etc.)

Annual payments and the first Semi-Annual payment not received by July 31st will be set up in FACTS on a monthly payment plan and calculated on a 12-month basis with the first two payments due immediately. The second Semi-Annual payment not received by January 31st will be set up in FACTS on a monthly payment plan and calculated on a 6-month basis with the first two payments due immediately.

Please notify the Finance Office if tuition payments will be made via a 529 account.

Sibling Discount: A 5% Sibling Discount is available for students in grades Kindergarten through 12 and 5-day all-day preschool.  The Sibling Discount applies to each sibling after the oldest enrolled child.  Sibling discounts may not be combined with other tuition discounts of any kind.

Registration Fees:  All incoming preschool students must complete a one-time registration form and submit a $20 registration fee.  Upon receipt of the registration fee, the student will be placed on the wait-list until space is available.

Enrollment Fees:  All new students enrolling must pay a new student enrollment fee of $120 for each new K-12 student and $100 for each new preschool child, sign an enrollment agreement, and complete the enrollment process at TCS.

Reenrollment:  Reenrollment for the next school year will begin automatically on or before April 1. The re-enrollment fee of $100.00 per family will be billed to your school account in April.

Withdrawals: If at any point a family chooses to terminate the enrollment agreement signed by the parent and TCS, which states the enrollment is to be automatically renewed each academic year until graduation from TCS, a withdrawal fee shall be assessed as follows:

Withdrawal Month: Fee
March Waived
April 1-April 30 $100
May $200
June $400
July-August $600

Overhead expenses of the school do not diminish with the withdrawal of some students.  Acceptance of enrollment is an agreement to the obligation to pay the tuition for the full academic year for which a student is enrolled.  Requests for refunds are subject to the discretion of the TCS administration, and may be granted for extenuating circumstances. Should a request be granted, refunds will be calculated as follows:

1.     The enrollment fee for the following school year is fully refundable if withdrawal is completed on or before April 1 of the current school year.

2.     Withdrawals made after April 1 and the start of the school year are subject to the withdrawal fee schedule listed above.

3.     For withdrawal prior to the first day of school, parents/guardians are responsible for the first two months of the annual tuition (less any prorated tuition assistance or other discount) and the withdrawal fee as listed above.  Enrollment fee is not refundable.

4.     For withdrawal after any semester starts, parents/guardians are responsible for the total semester’s tuition.  The Enrollment fee is not refundable.

5.     The two exceptions to 4 above are:

a.     If applying for tuition assistance, the enrollment fee is fully refundable through June 30 (and no tuition for the following school year will be due) if sufficient tuition assistance is not awarded.  Written notice of termination from parent/guardian must be received in the Finance Office of TCS on or before June 30.  A tuition assistance application must have been on file with TCS’ third party administrator, currently FACTS, no later than the last day of April in order to qualify.

b.     An enrollment fee refund shall be granted should TCS terminate this agreement prior to the beginning of the next applicable school year.  Simply stated, if TCS asks your child not to return the following school year, any enrollment fee paid for the next school year will be refunded.

Eligibility: A student may not attend classes and/or participate in any school-sponsored activities until all enrollment and registration forms, including a signed Enrollment Agreement, are received and all enrollment and fees are paid.

All unpaid tuition and fees from the previous school year must be paid on or before August 1 if a student is to be readmitted on the first day of class for the new school year. If payment is not possible, suitable arrangements must be made with the finance office.

Required Fundraising Participation: As tuition only covers a portion of the per student expenses to operate the school, Trinity relies heavily on fundraising to help make up this difference.  The family of every Trinity student is required to participate in fundraising efforts throughout the year.  Each year, families will receive a fundraising agreement form to declare the family’s intent to participate.  The agreement will include participation in event fundraisers as well as one sales-based fundraiser in both the spring and fall semesters.  Families who fail to fulfill their agreement by March 1 of each year, will be charged the fundraising fee set by the board of directors.

Tuition Assistance: Before a student qualifies and is awarded any form of tuition assistance, there may be additional requirements that must be accepted and fulfilled before the award will be applied to the student’s tuition account.  For example, the award may be held until tax returns or other requested documentation is verified by FACTS, or past due accounts are paid.

Delinquent Accounts: Access to report cards, transcripts, and other such student records will be withheld and access to RenWeb will be locked should an account become delinquent. After an account is 45 days delinquent, student(s) are subject to being held from school-sponsored athletic and extracurricular activities until the account is made current.

Families who have missed two monthly payments and have not made suitable payment arrangements will not be allowed to have their child(ren) attend school effective immediately.  If a family discontinues FACTS payments or in some other way has an interruption in FACTS payments, the student will not be permitted to attend classes until suitable payment arrangements are approved.

Returned checks (NSF): A service charge will be assessed per returned check or incomplete withdrawal due to insufficient funds.  After two returned checks, payments may only be made with cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

Non-Sufficient Funds:  If a FACTS tuition payment is returned due to non-sufficient funds in the account from which it is scheduled to be withdrawn, FACTs will reattempt the payment on the next occurring withdrawal date.  For example, if a payment due on September 5 is returned, it will be reattempted on September 20.  If the payment is returned again on the second attempt, it will be considered late and the family will receive notification via mail.  In such event, the family will have ten (10) days to either pay the past-due balance in full, or make other suitable arrangements.  Students may not be permitted to attend school unless resolution is complete per the procedure above.

FACTS will assess a fee for each incidence of a returned payment.  This is in addition to any fees that may be charged by the family’s financial institution.

Tuition Credit: All Trinity families are offered tuition credit opportunities by referring a new family. Family Referral Credit will be applied when a new family is accepted and maintains enrollment in grades K-12.  The referring family must have children currently enrolled and will receive up to $500.00 tuition credit for each new family.  If the new family applying is in preschool, the referring family will receive up to $240.00 in credit for each new family.  If a family reaches a zero tuition balance, there will not be a credit for future balances or a cash refund.  Board and faculty/staff members, including paid and non- paid coaches, are not eligible for referral credit.  Referral credit will be awarded when/if the new family identifies the referring family during the enrollment process.  The new family must complete a referral form to validate the referral.

Graduation Requirement Regarding Fees:  Graduating seniors are required to have an account that is current as of May 1st of the graduation year to receive a diploma.

Trinity Christian School Tuition Grant Program
It is the desire of the Board of Trinity Christian School that no child be turned away due to finances.  Each year the Board budgets tuition income to be used for grants that are based on need.

To be considered for a tuition grant, a family must demonstrate financial need and the student(s) must be enrolling in grades K-12.  To determine a family’s financial need, Trinity Christian School uses FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment.  Families applying for a tuition grant at TCS must submit a FACTS Grant and Aid Application, one for each parent in the case of separated or divorced parents, providing detailed information to FACTS.  Then FACTS evaluates the information based on a formula nationally accepted by over 2,600 educational institutions.

Many parents believe that their income level is the sole determinant in qualifying for a tuition grant.  Although income plays an important role, it is not the only factor in determining financial need.  Other factors include parent assets, number of children in tuition-charging institutions, family size, age of parents (allowing for retirement savings), and level of outstanding debt (consumer debt, mortgages, other loans, etc.).

In addition to its consideration of these factors, FACTS protects a certain level of income based on family size.  This process helps determine “Income after Core Expenses” and a portion of that is then suggested as the family contribution for education.  The result of the evaluation is sent to Trinity.  While these figures serve as good benchmarks, Trinity’s distribution of tuition grants uses the FACTS recommendation only as a guide.

Despite a strong commitment to our tuition grant program, each year the number of students who qualify for tuition grants is more than we can fully support.  TCS seeks to distribute tuition grants to all those who show a need.

The deadline to apply for financial assistance is May 1.  Tuition grants are awarded until funds are no longer available. Families who have completed the tuition grant and application processes and have been accepted will be mailed a letter indicating the tuition grant award.  By signing and returning the letter, a family accepts the award.  Families who choose not to return the tuition award letter by the specified date may have their award revoked for redistribution to other candidates.

Try Trinity Program for New Families
The Try Trinity Program offers up to 50% tuition discount per child (grades K-12 only; limit two per family) for qualifying first-time families. This number of Try Trinity tuition assistance packages are limited. Please click here for details. Contact Mrs. Kerry Woods at 304-291-4659 or to apply.



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