Short and Sweet

“We love because he first loved us.” ~ 1 John 4:19

This well-known verse, often quoted around Valentine’s Day, may be short, but it sure packs a lot of truth. We can’t truly love others without experiencing and receiving God’s love first. But once we have His love in us, it compels us to love others the same way He has loved us.

This past week, we saw His love in action when Jessica Sell came to encourage the middle school girls’ basketball team to look to Him as they reach for a championship. We see His love in action through Dan Lohmann, the 2023 TCS Champion, as he has quietly and graciously served the school over many years, whether behind the scenes or as an award-winning soccer coach. We see His love in action when our teachers and staff gather to pray for students and strive to honor Christ in their roles. And we see His love in action when students share God’s love and Word in and out of the classroom. 

His love never fails. May it prevail in the halls of our school as we daily endeavor to “Educate for Life.”

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