The hills (and the halls) are alive…

The hills surrounding Trinity Christian School are alive with the sound of prayer and praise, music and laughter. Whether it be the See You at the Pole event from last week, a gym class taking advantage of the moderate temperatures, or cross country runners training, joyful sounds ring out on the Trinity campus throughout the day.

Not only are the hills alive, the halls are, too. They are alive with vibrant artwork and messages of encouragement. Excited discussions spill out from the classrooms. Voices and instruments find notes and form melodies. All are reminders of why we’re here: to provide students with a life-changing education resulting in a Christ-centered worldview.

Cheers and laughter echo through the surrounding hills as the third grade gym class competes in a relay.

High school art students combine their talents to leave their mark on a snow plow blade for the City of Morgantown.

Author Traci Vallano conducts periodic creative writing workshops with fourth and fifth grade students. With Traci’s guidance, fifth graders (above) map out their ideas for a mystery novel.

High school praise team members lead the student body in a time of worship during chapel.

Art pieces created by elementary and secondary students brighten the hallways of Trinity Christian School.

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