Transforming the Blog

Tomorrow night is the Spring Gala: A Night of Transformation! As you may know, we’ve transformed the gala and made it into an event where you can transform your table, transform a heart, and transform a life. Today, we began to transform the gym into a fun gala venue with some table hosts already decorating their tables. It’s been such a joy to see students, volunteers, and staff come together to make this a special evening. We can’t wait to see everyone’s creativity and have a great time, while raising funds for Tuition Assistance!

While preparing for the gala has been a focus for many of us, amazing student projects and athletic events have been ongoing. We can’t wait to share more about them with you in next week’s blog post!

In the meantime, we would love to have you come alongside us through bidding in the Silent Auction for Tuition Assistance. Please take a minute to make an account at and start bidding on the many great auction items here. We have something for everyone, and you can still make a donation on the website even if you’re outbid on your favorite.

This video features just a few of the 80 amazing items. Happy bidding!


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