Warriors & Superheroes!

The school celebrates when a Warrior team qualifies for a West Virginia State Tournament! So, when our high school boys won Regionals, the school held a pep rally to show support for the team before they left town for the WV State Basketball Tournament in Charlestown. The team played last night, and the boys, cheerleaders, and fans represented the school well despite suffering a loss to the Class AA #1 ranked Williamstown team. 

We pivot from the Warriors playing in the capital city last night to superheroes in elementary chapel today,  where Ms. Ballentine’s costumed first-grade class presented a message about God’s faithfulness. Our “superheroes” reminded us that God is faithful to help us do what He has called us to. What a great lesson for all of us to learn and relearn. As John 15:5 tells us, we must stay attached to Christ because we can do nothing apart from Him. 

Let’s face it we don’t have superpowers. But in Christ, we can achieve things that would be impossible on our own. Best of all, we can teach our Warriors of all ages to look to Him for their strength, purpose, and power!

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