Back on track

Trinity Christian School is back in session after a combined Spring and Easter break. However, that doesn’t mean our students have been idle. With plans for the future, some of our high school students took college admissions tests, while others visited prospective schools over the break. The baseball team traveled to Myrtle Beach to participate in the Mingo Bay Baseball Tournament. Also, our high school track teams competed in the Mason Dixon Conference meet, resulting in a conference title for the girls’ team!

Families of our elementary students are making plans to attend Summer Camp. We offer six weeks of camps, with themes ranging from Foreign Language to Cartooning to Space. Art Camp, which is always a favorite, will focus on Colonial American art this year.

After a Spanish unit on clothing terms, middle school FLEX (Foreign Language Exploration) students utilized their newly-acquired vocabulary for The Great Ropa Race. During the relay race, students had to translate a Spanish word for clothing, then find and wear the article.

French fashion show

French I students studied and applied the characteristics of art nouveau to French fashion design. They used their French vocabulary to present and describe their outfits during a runway show.

Our third grade students recently took their classroom outdoors, exploring the campus to learn about landforms. The landform study quickly turned into a lesson on natural camouflage when they discovered a bird’s nest.

Members of the Trinity girls’ track team pose after being named the Mason-Dixon champs at the conference meet. Congratulations to Abbie Barnett, Presley Jordan, Olivia Kinkade, and Piper McLaughlin for making the All-Conference team! 

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