Beyond the stats

It’s that time of year when make-or-break games end or extend a season. When tears can replace cheers, even when you win. The practice, play, and travel have a way of knitting the hearts of players to coaches and parents to other parents. The shared emotions run hard and deep, causing us to look for one more “W” in the win column.

Win or lose, the letters in the columns may remain in the history books, but they represent so much more than the score. Each game is an opportunity for students and their teams to grow their skills, of course. But, more importantly, they can grow in their faith, their character, and their relationships. Learning to win or lose with grace and humility is a life skill. Picking your teammate up when they have an off day or a season-ending injury teaches empathy and friendship. Athletes learn to trust and respect their coaches as well as set aside their own egos and agendas for the better of the team. Through it all, if they heed the instruction given them, we see young girls and boys grow into young women and men of character who will influence and lead in the days to come.

(Thank you to Trinity parents and TCS student Caleb Shepherd for photos used in this video.)

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