In the blink of an eye, the initial quarter was over. A jam-packed quarter it was! Field trips, guests speakers, and special events peppered the first ten weeks of the school year. Though previous posts highlighted many of the activities, there are more images to share.

Time is so fleeting. It’s a joy to pause and look back on some of the captured moments that are now memories of the first weeks of the 2014-15 school year at Trinity.

Second grade enjoyed the fruits of their labor after making individual servings of ice cream in class.

Spanish 3 students held a Cooking Show where they created dishes in front of their classmates while explaining the process with their growing Spanish vocabulary.

Middle school choir students visited classrooms and the administrative offices, sharing a cappella selections learned in class.

A visit to the pumpkin patch was a perfect fall activity for our K-5 students and their families!

Following a home football game, Trinity’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes members hosted Fields of Faith. To demonstrate the importance of staying in God’s Word, they held a sack race, with the sack representing the Word. As the moon rose, the crowd gathered for prayer on the field.

Missionary visit

Using a Q&A format, Mrs. Miller shared her experiences from a mission trip with middle school FLEX (Foreign Language Exploratory) students.

Jason Campbell, of J.C. Films, recounted his journey into faith-based filmmaking for a secondary students during chapel.


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