Class of 2015 exceeds $1 million in Scholarships!

The Trinity class of 2015 is making its mark! The twenty-six members of the class have collectively earned over $1 million in accepted scholarships. The students received their diplomas on May 29 at 7:00pm in the Trinity gymnasium.

The following is a list of the senior awards and scholarships.


United States Air Force Academy Award  —Dominic Raymond, III

United States Senate Youth Program Scholarship — Dominic Raymond, III

West Virginia University Presidential Scholarship  Angelyn Gemmen, Sophia Podolinski

West Virginia University Mountaineer Scholarship   Matthew Dlugos                                    

West Virginia University Vandalia Scholarship  Abigail Barnett, Daniel Dawley, Joshua Earl,  Megan Myers

WVU Dependent Employee Scholarship  Megan Myers

West Virginia University Valedictorian Scholar  Abigail Barnett

A.B. Miller Scholarship — Olivia Kelley                                                                    

Waynesburg University Scholarship — Olivia Kelley  

Stephen J. Laut, S. J. Scholarship  Christian Pierce Griffith

WV Wesleyan Dean’s Scholarship — John “Jack” Goellner

WV Wesleyan Scholar — John “Jack” Goellner

WV Wesleyan Education Scholars — John “Jack” Goellner

Thomas C. Stewart Memorial Scholarship — John “Jack” Goellner

UM Partnership Church Match & Scholarship — John “Jack” Goellner

West Liberty Presidential Scholarship — Emily Evans

West Liberty Athletic/Soccer Scholarship — Emily Evans    

VA Survivor & Dependent Education Scholarship — Janice Tyndell

SCAD Achievement Honors Scholarship  Janice Tyndell

SCAD Incentive Scholarship  Janice Tyndell

OVAC Volleyball Scholarship — Presley Jordan

Fairmont University Neighbors Scholarship  Presley Jordan

Fairmont University Falcon Scholarship  Presley Jordan

OIC Training Academy Scholarship  Bridgette Smith

Bethany Merit Scholarship  Justin Everly


ACSI Distinguished Christian High School Students:

Dominic Raymond, III  Outstanding Achievement in Academics, Leadership, Christian Service, & Athletics

Pierce Griffith  Outstanding Achievement in Academics, Leadership, Christian Service, & Athletics

Abigail Barnett  Outstanding Achievement in Academics, Leadership, Christian Service, Athletics, & Fine Arts

Olivia Kelley Outstanding Achievement in Academics, Christian Service, Athletics, & Fine Arts



Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship Award  Hope Donham                                   

Dominion Post Honor Students  Dominic Raymond III & Abigail Barnett

West Virginia Promise Scholars   Jaclyn Alderman, Abigail Barnett, Daniel Dawley, Matthew Dlugos, Joshua Earl, Emily Evans, Angelyn Gemmen, Jack Goellner, Pierce Griffith, Olivia Kelley, Megan Myers, Sophia Podolinski, Dominic Raymond III

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Award — Abigail Barnett, Pierce Griffith, Sophia Podolinski, Dominic Raymond III

Honor Society Members   Jaclyn Alderman, Abigail Barnett, Daniel Dawley, Matthew Dlugos, Emily Evans, Angelyn Gemmen, Jack Goellner, Peirce Griffith, Olivia Kelley, Tyler McLaughlin, Megan Myers, Sophia Podolinski, Dominic Raymond III, Catherine Rondy

AP Scholar with Honor  Dominic Raymond III

School Awards:

Debbie Clawges Math Award  Matthew Dlugos                                   

C. S. Lewis English Award  Angelyn Gemmen

Charles Wesley Award  David “Daniel” Dawley & John “Jack” Goellner                         

Eric Liddell Athletic Award  Matthew Dlugos                        

Outstanding Artist Award  Hope Donham                                                                          

Outstanding Vocal Award  Miranda Martin                                               

Outstanding Community Service Award  Emily Evans    

Outstanding French Award  Jaclyn Alderman & Angelyn Gemmen

John Phillip Sousa Award  Joshua Earl                                                     

Podium Award  Miranda Martin                                                           

Voice of Trinity Award  Pierce Griffith

Isaac Newton Award  Sophia Podolinski

David Ramsey Award  Pierce Griffith              

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