Finishing well (continued)

Every school year’s end is significant in some way. It may be that a major milestone is reached, as with a graduation from preschool or high school. It may be that a student successfully completes the first year at a new school, conquers a tough subject, or overcomes injury to be able to return to competition. Perhaps this was the year that a student embraced their faith more fully through study in Bible class or participation in outreaches. Though the circumstances vary greatly from family to family, class to class, and student to student, the desire to finish well, to finish strong is something we all have in common. Congratulations to the Trinity class of 2012, and to all of the students, families, faculty, and staff of Trinity Christian school for finishing well to the glory of God!

Grandparents tour the school with their grandchildren on Grandparents’ Day.

Sixth grade music students show off their handmade instruments.

Members of the second grade class explore the interactive displays at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.

Jonathan Gallo (Elementary), Susan Stinespring (High School), and Randy Fraas (Middle School), were the recipients of the first annual TCS Excellence in Education Awards.

We’re not sure who shed the most tears, the parents of these graduating preschool students or….

the parents of the Trinity Christian School class of 2012!

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