Growing strong

Growth takes time. That truth is so evident at this time of year when small shoots begin popping through the soil, buds start to form on the trees, and baby birds and animals make their first appearances. Growth is exciting, but it also takes patience and attentiveness.

This week, students in Grade 6 continued their observation of the growth of milkweed beetles in the science lab. They have watched the beetle eggs, less than a millimeter long, hatch and grow to their present size of 6 millimeters. And the beetles aren’t done growing yet! Seeing the students’ amazement at the insects’ transformation is fun and inspiring.

The beetles can serve as a metaphor for our students at Trinity. We have students ranging from the little ones just starting out in the WELL up through seniors who are ready to launch to the next step after high school. In between, we have the kids who are growing in ways that may be undetectable at the moment. But as the school year comes to a close, they, their parents, and their teachers will marvel at their progress. Our goal is that they grow strong in ALL ways, especially in their faith in God!

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From beetles to plants and more, our students are learning about growth in the science lab.

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It’s fun to see the growth and success of our athletic teams! The high school girls are having a good season and are looking forward to sectional play!

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Our K-5 and Grade 3 classes had fun shooting hoops and hula-hooping to finish off the Hoop-A-Thon this week!

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What a blessing it is to see these little ones grow and develop over the course of the school year!

Do you want to be a part of seeing more students grow? If so, make plans to join us for the Spring Gala on April 30! Our theme for this year’s gala is “Sow that they may grow!” Have a great time enjoying dinner, dancing, and an auction while supporting the Tuition Assistance Fund at Trinity! To learn more, click here.

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