Hearts of gratitude

Breathe…the first full week of the school year is coming to an end! Things are falling into place. Teachers, students, and families who were new to Trinity just a week ago are finding friends, getting into a routine, and are feeling a little more at home. We reflect on this back-to-school time with hearts filled with gratitude.

We’re grateful to see our returning students and faculty. And we’re grateful for the new students, teachers, and staff who have joined us this year. What a joy it is to welcome them into the Trinity family! In case you have yet to meet the new members of our amazing Trinity team, we’ll take the opportunity to introduce a number of them now.

Each one contributes unique gifts and personalities to our school community in order to help us fulfill our common mission: to glorify God through honoring Christ, inspiring excellence, and educating for life. You can read more about their experience and qualifications here.

Receptionist Autumn Boone will be happy to greet you when you visit or call the school.

We’re excited to welcome back secondary math instructor Carrie Breakey on her return to Trinity!

Not only did the fifth-grade get a new teacher, but their classroom got a fresh coat of bright green paint when Cindy Burnside came to lead them.

Secondary English and yearbook teacher Jessica Duling (R) is quick to share her camera skills with her students in yearbook class.

After coming in midway through the 2015-16 school year, Marcy Eanes has officially joined us as the new preschool K-3 teacher.

Patricia Garrity is another addition to the preschool K-3 classroom, taking the role of the classroom aide.

Ashley Moreau‘s is enthusiastic about her new position as the secondary choir teacher.

Tammy Romito-Nine brings lots of experience and a caring heart to her new role as the school nurse.

Our new Superintendent Michelle Stellato greeted preschool K-4 students as they hunted plush bunnies throughout the school. The annual “Bunny Hunt” is designed to familiarize the little ones with the school environment.

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