Heroes without capes

The brightly colored script on the front window of our building states the message clearly, “Real heroes don’t wear capes. They teach.” It serves as a fun reminder to teachers that we hold them in high esteem as we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

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Superhero masks decorated by students hang on the lobby windows around the quote, some with personalized messages directed to a specific teacher.

“I love science because of you.”

“You are [sic] best music teacher.”

“You are awesome.”

These notes must warm the hearts of our teachers as well as reassure them that they are impacting young lives!

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Teachers aren’t the only heroes we celebrate this week. Portraits hang in the elementary hall in celebration of Mother’s Day. We’re grateful to Trinity moms for sharing their children with us every day. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Moms aren’t moms without kids. Teachers can’t teach without students. These girls and boys, young men and women are the reason we’re here. They are why we come to work each day. Our mission goes beyond providing them with an education. We pray for them, struggle along with them, and celebrate them. We strive to educate them for life.

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