If our walls could talk

What if the walls of Trinity Christian School could talk? What would they say? Here are just a few of the messages that reverberate as you walk through the halls of Trinity.

“We care about our students’ spiritual growth.”

These drawings were accompanied by the caption:

“Second grade spies

with their little eyes

the truths of God’s Word.”

Whether it’s through biblical integration within the curriculum or an extracurricular Bible study, our students are given opportunities to grow in their faith in Christ.

“We care about the past and those who have gone before us.”


A timeline in the middle school hallway demonstrates how history spans all the disciplines, including math, science, Bible, and English.


Displayed prominently in the lobby, photos of Trinity graduates serve as a constant reminder of past students and their families who paved the way for the current generation. We are grateful for their legacy.

 “We care about our students’ future.”

Bulletin boards outside the counselor’s office announce college admissions visits, deadlines, and testing dates.

WVU Admissions Program Coordinator Katlin Swisher recently made a presentation to Trinity seniors. She was one of several college admissions representatives who are scheduled to visit the school this fall.

“Our school is a creative learning environment.”

The brightly colored artwork and projects lining the hallways reflects the creativity of our students as well as the faculty.


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