Do you remember that moment when a new passion ignited within you? It may have been a hobby or a career interest, an academic pursuit or a spiritual awakening. Whether it was a slow burn or a case of spontaneous combustion, a point of ignition occurred somewhere along the way.

Who struck the match? Was it a teacher, a coach, a friend? As a Christian school community, we aspire to be a team of igniters, sparking the gifts of God that are within each of the students entrusted to our care. Most of all, we want to fan into flame a love for Him and His word.

We are so grateful when classroom guests are willing to share their personal stories and professional expertise with our students. Recent visitors include (from top to bottom) Dr. Spruill, Bible teacher Ray Vander Laan, and retired football coach Bobby Pruett.

Dr. Michelle Spruill, a geneticist who examines chromosomes to diagnose cancer and other problems, shared her knowledge with the 10th grade biology classes.

Ray Vander Laan posed with members of the senior Bible class, following his presentation on biblical history and context.

Students gathered to hear former Marshall football coach Bobby Pruett for a lunchtime meeting of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Our fine arts classes, electives, and rotations give our students a variety of opportunities to develop their existing talents or discover new ones.

From the study of DNA to understanding landforms, science labs bring subject matter to life.

Only time will tell if a budding linguist was born after French 2 students read and interpreted French stories to elementary students.

Students encourage one another to grow spiritually through weekly Bible studies, FCA huddle meetings, and active participating in weekly chapels.

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