Joy in the everyday

Everyday routines can go unnoticed as we rush through our days, becoming the backdrop of our lives. At Trinity, there are many students who, by their everyday service, help the school day run smoothly. It is a joy to see students serve in the little things, the everyday things. They may feel as if their service goes unnoticed, but their willingness, their diligence, their joyful service, makes a difference every day.

One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much – Luke16:10 (ESV)

Everyday a faithful group of young men from the middle school raise and lower our flag.

Senior Angelo Wolfe, the Voice of Trinity, shares the announcements and leads the student body in the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.

Elementary students assist teachers and learn responsibility by collecting the mail from the office.

When their schedule allows, high school students assist receptionist Mrs. Ward with various office tasks.

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