Joyful in hope

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” ~ Romans 12:12 NIV

Amidst so much uncertainty it is sometimes hard to find joy. When schedules turn upside down, it’s not always easy to be patient. And when weariness sets in, praying can be a challenge.

Yet, God in His grace answers us when we call upon Him to fill us with joy, patience, and faithfulness.

We are seeing His answers to our prayers in our Trinity community which remains committed to fulfilling our mission despite not being able to meet on campus. Our kids are praying for one another in virtual classrooms. Likewise, our staff prays together and shares devotionals and scriptures throughout the week. We are rejoicing in the hope that He offers us through the promises in His Word. His hope helps us see and take joy in the daily blessings that He has given us, despite the difficulties we are facing. And those joys are many! We have incredible students who keep us laughing, bursting with pride, and humbled that we can be a part of their stories.

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