Keeping it real

Do you remember your school picture day? Most of us have at least one school photo that is etched in our memory. It’s usually not the photo where every hair was in place and we look perfect. For most of us, it’s the photo with out-of-control hair or a mouth full of braces.

Life is kind of like that. While we want to make our lives picture-perfect, that’s just not reality.

We ended last week with school pictures and reality set in as we watched our seniors pose in caps and gowns for the first time. It was simultaneously exciting and sad. Graduation 2020 is getting real — for them, their parents, their teachers, and their coaches.

We captured their senior photoshoot and other wonderful events in this week’s blog. And just to keep it real, we included some of the not-so-perfect pictures that show the silly, crazy side of our students.

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