Memory making

Looking back on the images from this week at Trinity, it’s striking to see the range of activities involving our littlest Warriors on up through to the seniors. To realize that the same students filling our preschool classes may very well be posing for a photo in their cap and gown in 14 or 15 years is exciting and humbling.

From having a pajama day to experiencing success on the golf course, only time will tell what memories are being made each day. On thing is certain, we want our students to not only remember the subject matter being taught. We want them to remember that we cared.

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Golfer Mark Spruill won’t soon forget being named runner-up at the OVAC Golf Championship for Class 1A/2A and named to the all-OVAC team. He and his teammates came in third in the tournament. Congratulations to the golfers and coaches!

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Among other things, our students learned about color with candy, history through eating soup, the seventh day of creation (God rested) with a pajama party!

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Lastly, this happened. School pictures were taken this week and the seniors posed in traditional graduation attire for the yearbook photos. The first of many milestones for the Class of 2018 this year.

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