More than a “W”

Discipline, perseverance, selflessness, comradery – the list goes on. Skills learned through athletics extend past the days of competition, and teachable moments occur long after the gym lights are switched off. Have you discovered that some of the best car ride conversations unfold on the way home from a game or a meet?

These experiences aren’t exclusive to students. As their parents, we share joys, disappointments, prayers, and meals with other families from the team, After driving each other’s kids to and from practices and games, they become like one of our own. We collectively hold our breath and pray when a player gets hurt. The victories are sweet and the losses can be tough. Whether it’s the elation of an upset win or a heart-thumping, buzzer-beating shot,  is richer when experienced together as a school community.

Trophy or not, all of us win when we remember that friendships and personal character matter so much more than the final score.

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