Paving the way

There are so many pleasures and privileges that we enjoy today for which someone else paid the price; someone else paved the way. Whether an inventor, a visionary, a craftsman, or a soldier – sacrifices are made daily for the collective good, for a higher cause.

Our students reap from the efforts of those who break new ground. Teachers, coaches, volunteers, and even other students, invest their sweat equity. They overcome obstacles. They wrestle in prayer. They don’t give up. They pave the way, and we are grateful.

Through the new Robotics club, K-3rd grade students have the opportunity to learn simple robotic design and programming. We thank Dr. Campbell for launching the club, and the parent-volunteers who are serving as coaches.

A recent secondary Chapel consisted of breakout sessions facilitated by guest speakers from our community. Topics included Honoring God through Physical Fitness, Honoring God in your Relationships, and Can you be a Christian and a Scientist?

Unpaved ground is nothing new to our cross country teams. Our middle school team races on trails, over hills, and through creeks.

We have a football team and marching band today because of the vision and dedication of coaches, teachers, players, and musicians. We are so thankful for donors who continually come alongside the school to support these programs.

Members of Rolling Thunder, PA Chapter 5, paid a visit to our elementary students. The group is dedicated to reminding others about Prisoners Of War and those Missing In Action of all wars. The Trinity Christian School community will honor local veterans on November 11, 2015 with our annual Veterans Day Program. The event begins with a social hour from 9:00-10am, followed by a program from 10:00-11:00am. Light refreshments will be served. RSVP by November 7, 2014 by calling 304-291-4659.


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