Savoring the time

“Time waits for no man.”

“In the blink of an eye.”

“Time flies.”

Time does fly. As educators, we want to do our best to savor the time we have with the students entrusted to us. We want to celebrate their accomplishments while preparing them for the next level. Each of their lives is precious to the Father who created them, so it’s important that we invest our resources into their growth and development during their time at Trinity.

Looking back on how our students change throughout the course of the year is rewarding and motivating. Time is fleeting. We want to make the most of every moment. (Eph. 5:16)

These little ones have grown so much in every possible way! We can’t wait to watch their life stories unfold as they progress.

These graduates, along with 3 other seniors from the Class of 2015, have been together since the first grade. Only time will tell what lasting friendships are being forged in our elementary classrooms each year.

The summer athletic practice sessions are underway. There is no doubt that the time that the teams invest this summer will pay off in the fall season.

TCS student Daniel Woods earned a medal at the National History Bee by qualifying for the championship round as a finisher in the top 128 competitors. Daniel has continually improved his performance with each year of participation. Congratulations!

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