Students perform at Academic Day

Trinity Christian School was well-represented at the ACSI Academic Day held at Teays Valley Christian School on April 24, 2015.

The ACSI Academic Day is an all-day, annual event that is unique to the Ohio River Valley District of the ACSI. Students from all grade levels representing Christian schools from the state of West Virginia come together for a variety of competitions. Students must be selected at the classroom level in order to participate in the areas of science, math, speech, and art. This year, students from Trinity participated in the Art Festival, Math Olympics, Music Festival, Science Fair, and Speech Meets.

The Academic Day activities are planned to impact the educational and spiritual growth of each student, encouraging them in excellence and to be a testimony to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The following is a list of the students or groups who represented Trinity this year, as well as their awards (if applicable).

Art Festival

Kindergarten: Evan Tolar – Excellent; Zoey Workman – Superior

First Grade: Marcos Kniska – Excellent; Jonathon Sheffstall – Superior

Second Grade: Chloe Comstock – 2 Superior awards; Michael Day – 2 Excellent awards; Doug Hinebaugh – Excellent; Lydia Knight – 2 Excellent awards; Landon Murdock – Superior and Best of Show; Ethan Tomlinson – Superior

Third Grade: Kaitlyn Anderson – 1 Excellent and 1 Superior; Paige Smith – Excellent; Ruby Smith – Excellent

Fourth Grade: Connor Dalton – Good; Samantha Guenther – Superior; Jarrett Kimbrell – Excellent; CeCe Moran – Good; Isaac Wong – Excellent

Fifth Grade: Ian Comstock – Superior and Best of Show; Katrina Hyde – Superior

Seventh Grade: Isaac Goff – Excellent; Tara Hammack – Superior; Saige Zervos – 2 Superior awards and Best of Show

Eighth Grade: Jayden Donham – Superior; Blake Wolfe – 2 Superior awards

Ninth Grade: Jacob Martin – Superior; Tristen Nine – Excellent; Emily Saurborn – 2 Excellent awards;     Devin Vernon – Excellent; Brianna Wightman – Superior; Joseph Zini – 1 Superior and 1 Excellent


Math Olympics – Note: The highest student among all competing schools in each grade receives an ACSI Special Recognition medal.

Third Grade – Reasoning:

Rudy Bland – 5th place; Kaitlyn Anderson – 4th place; Carmelo Kniska – 3rd place

Third Grade – Computation:

Ben Lohmann; Elyse Thomas – 5th place; Zachary Workman – 2nd place

Fourth Grade – Reasoning:

Rennick Wotring; CeCe Moran; Camden Wilhelm – 2nd place

Fourth Grade – Computation:

Nathan Day; Jaden Sheffstall; Samantha Guenther – 1st place and ACSI medal

Fifth Grade – Reasoning:

Abby Mullens; Bella Goff – 5th place; Gabe Turak – 1st place and ACSI medal

Fifth Grade – Computation:

Norah Chase; Ian Comstock; Brody Hendershot

Sixth Grade – Reasoning:

Trevor Cooke – 4th place; Ethan Thomas – 2nd place

Sixth Grade – Computation:

Jaclyn Smith; Katie White

Seventh Grade – Reasoning:

Isaac Goff; Maya Gharib; Zeriel Wong

Seventh Grade – Computation:

Brooke Phares – 4th place; Joshua Rosen; Saige Zervos – 2nd place

Eighth Grade – Reasoning:

Rachel Rosen; Reagan Sharp – 1st place; Belen Turak

Eighth Grade – Computation:

Daniel Woods; Blake Wolfe; Logo Zervos

Music Festival

Elementary music solos:

3rd grade: Elyse Thomas, piano – Superior

4th grade: Paige Hammack, vocal – Good

5th grade: Katrina Hyde, piano – Superior

 Secondary music solos:

6th grade: Ethan Thomas, piano – Superior

8th grade: Rachel Rosen, piano – Superior

12th grade: Miranda Martin, vocal – Superior

 Large group ensembles:

TCS Band – Superior

TCS High School Choir – Superior

TCS Middle School Choir – Superior

TCS Praise Team – Superior

Science Fair

Fifth Grade:

Katrina Hyde – Excellent; Theo Zervos – Excellent

Jr./Sr. High:

Saige Zervos – Superior; Gabrielle Johnson – Superior; Keira Hill – Superior; Brianna Wightman – Superior and Judges Award


Speech Meet

First Grade:

Macy Bland – Good; Marcos Kniska – Good; Hayden Phillips – Excellent; Anna Lohmann – Superior

Second Grade:

Landon Murdock – Good; Noah Toler – Excellent; Emily Carpenter – Superior; Lydia Knight – Superior

Third Grade:

Neveah Addie – Superior; Kaitlyn Anderson – Superior; Carmelo Kniska – Superior; Paige Smith – Superior; Elyse Thomas – Superior; Zachary Workman – Superior

Fourth Grade:

Abby Gutta – Superior; Paige Hammack – Superior; Riley Hinebaugh – Superior

Fifth Grade:

Katrina Hyde – Superior; Zachary Murray – Superior

Jr./Sr. High:

Brooke Phares – Excellent

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