TCS Science Fair Extravaganza 2015

The newly updated Science Fair Extravaganza took place in the Trinity gym on January 15, 2015. After conducting research for three months prior, students in grades 5, 7, and 9 participated in the judging portion of the science fair throughout the day. Representatives from Mylan and WVU acted as judges for the event. Ribbons and certificates were awarded to all the participants during the evening Open House and Awards ceremony. Congratulations to all of the students on a job well done!

The following students received awards as indicated (alphabetically by grade):

Red Ribbons:

Ian Comstock, Abby Mullens, Evan Rice, Dani Rudash, Josiah Sheffstall, Gabe Turak, Ethan Wise, Nick Beimel, Cambrie Decker, Maya Gharib, Kellen Alderman, Isaiah Bailey, Christiana Beimel, Stuart Gillum, Abby Goff, Julia Hardy, Kelsey Hays, Abbey Isabell, Frankie Kerekes, Elyse Moser, and Emily Saurborn.

Blue Ribbons:

Lexi Addie, Carter Anderson, Norah Chase, Bryce Clampffer, Conner Decker, Bella Goff, Deah Gharib, Jordan Goodstein, Brody Hendershot, Katrina Hyde, Maggie Mercure, Brady Mudry, Zach Murray, Abbie Shoemaker, Theo Zervos, Regan Baker, Samuel Emery, Julia Gillum, Isaac Goff, Tara Hammack, Fletcher Hartsock, Gabbi Johnson, Turner Lawrence, Jackson Miller, Brooke Phares, Joshua Rosen, Sarah Seitz, Zeriel Wong, Saige Zervos, Emma Barber, Riley Davenport, Ellena Gemmen, Michael Gharib, Keira Hill, Matthew Kays, Cam Kellar, Jacob Martin, Darton McIntire, Jay Merrifield, Tristen Nine, and Brianna Wightman.

Special Recognitions:

Jordan Goodstein – Champion; Katrina Hyde – Champion and Academic Day; Theo Zervos – Champion and Academic Day; Regan Baker – Regional*; Samuel Emery – Regional*; Julia Gillum – Regional*; Isaac Goff – Regional*; Tara Hammack – Regional*; Gabbi Johnson – Regional* and Academic Day; Turner Lawrence – Regional*; Brooke Phares – Champion and Regional*; Joshua Rosen – Champion and Regional*; Sarah Seitz – Regional*; Saige Zervos – Champion, Regional*, and Academic Day; Emma Barber – Regional*; Riley Davenport – Regional*; Ellena Gemmen – Regional*; Michael Gharib – Champion and Regional*; Keira Hill – Regional* and Academic Day; Jacob Martin – Regional*; Darton McIntire – Champion and Regional*; Jay Merrifield – Regional*; Tristen Nine – Champion and Regional*; Brianna Wightman – Regional* and Academic Day.

* Regional Competition for INTEL Science and Engineering Fair

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