Trinity’s Maker Lab Comes to Life

The new flatscreen televisions have been installed in the Maker Lab at Trinity in preparation for when students return in the fall.

What used to be only a vision, the Maker Lab at Trinity Christian School is now equipped to support any type of STEM class, club, or competition due in part to a generous grant from TC Energy Foundation.  The Maker Lab includes computing platforms such as laptops and servers down to the Raspberry Pis and Arduino microcontrollers. The 3D Printers allow students to manufacture their structures while circuit boards and electronic components enable the students to build their own computer circuits. The award for over $3,600 from TC Energy Foundation provided the funds necessary to complete the Maker Space.

The Maker Lab supports various classes offered at Trinity including a high school Technical and Engineering elective which provides an overview of programming concepts, electronics, robotics, and cybersecurity. Inside the Maker Space, students learn fundamental problem-solving techniques that are necessary to develop computer applications. Students are introduced to various scripting and programming languages (i.e. HTML/JavaScript, Python, C, C++) in order to develop applications and embedded systems.

Upon completion of the course, students are able to demonstrate a basic working knowledge of electronics and robotics. Students will also have a basic grasp on the principles of cybersecurity and how to build secure applications as well as how to test systems to discover security vulnerabilities.

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