When it clicks

Community service is integrated into our school calendar at Trinity. Why? Because Christ modeled service for us and we want to do the same for our students. To be real, not all of our students fully grasp the importance of serving. They serve because it is required, but their hearts aren’t always in it.

Other times, something clicks and a service project turns into something bigger in a child’s heart and life. That is what happened recently to second-grader Mya Bartlett.

Mya, the other second-graders, and the first-graders worked together on a service project under the direction of their teachers. The students made cards for the residents of the Ronald McDonald House, then delivered them to the residents and toured the facility. The visit impacted Mya. She came home and told her mom that she wanted to donate her trick-or-treat candy to the Ronald McDonald House residents, only keeping a few pieces for herself. With her family’s support, she carried out her plan. This past Tuesday, she excitedly walked up to the front desk of the Ronald McDonald House and said, “I want to give this candy to the families staying here so they can enjoy it and be happy.” Wow! We’re so proud of Mya and happy that her class service project inspired such a selfless and kind act.

Some things are caught, not taught. We will continue to challenge our students academically, socially, physically, and spiritually trusting that, in God’s timing and through His power, the things they are being taught will click and cause a change in their lives.

(Music featured in this week’s video: Eye of the Storm sung by Third Grade during a rehearsal for Chapel, written by Bryan Fowler and Ryan Dale Stevenson, and Way Maker, sung by the High School Praise Team, written by Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu)




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