Win as a Family

“Win as a team” is a popular and powerful motto. No team can be carried by one member, no matter how accomplished they are. Watching our teams learn to work together to maximize the gifts of each individual for the betterment of the group is amazing! Then, when they meet with success, they WIN as a team.

Watching our school work together to support our students is equally special. When staff and parents travel to cheer on our athletes or venture out early on a weekend for an academic competition, we win as a family. When we scramble to make arrangements for a fan bus or rearrange schedules to accommodate a State Tournament run, we win as a family! When parents volunteers, friends pledge funds, and kids shoot hoops and hula-hoop for the Hoop-A-Thon, we win as a family! No matter the game or event, sharing the triumphs or disappointments bind us together as a Trinity family. Those relationships are treasures that no award or trophy can ever replace!

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