Words to inspire

Astronaut Jerry Ross could have started his presentation to Trinity students in any number of ways. He might have wowed them with the number of accolades he collected during his service with the Air Force and NASA or immediately showed them dramatic footage of his numerous spacewalks.

Instead, he chose to use his opening remarks to inspire those assembled in front of him.

Instructing the students to point to themselves, he had them repeat:

“I am special. I am unique. I can do anything I can dream with God’s help if I work hard and study enough.”

Mind you, this is an Astronaut Hall of Famer who has been on seven space flights, a number that qualifies him to share the world record.

Following the declaration, the students attentively listened as Colonel Ross shared his story and his Christian faith to further fuel their aspirations. He used images and video to show the progression of his humble beginnings to his adventures in space, then fielded questions from the student body. Before closing the program, Colonel Ross took one last opportunity to encourage and inspire by leading the students to recite again, “I am special. I am unique. I can do anything I can dream with God’s help if I work hard and study enough.”

Words to live by shared by one who has lived them.

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