Working with your hands

There are so many ways to learn and hands-on is certainly one of them. From science to language to art, our students are given many opportunities to work with their hands inside and outside of the classroom.

Just this week, the fourth-grade class furthered their understanding of robotics in a science lab. (The Dominion Post recently featured a video about them.) The sixth-grade and ninth-grade classes learned about Egypt at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh. And the third-grade class began creating a model of the solar system using papier mâché.

Without hands-on learning, our eighth-grade robotics team wouldn’t be prepared to have their skills tested this weekend when they travel to the regional competition. (Go, team!!!) In creating crafts, our younger students develop their fine motor skills.

Will one of them grow to be like Trinity sophomore Jack Satterfield? Jack used his woodworking skills to build stairs for the sound booth in the Trinity Chapel. Or perhaps they will use their hands for sign language, like fifth-grader Jenna Barnett who recently taught signs to the second-grade class.

Hands are amazing God-given tools for learning, working, creating, and serving.




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