B is for….

B is for Bee.  History, Spelling, and Geography Bees have all taken place over the past few weeks at Trinity. While we’ve recognized the winners of the history bee qualifying test at the end of last year, the geography and spelling bees were held more recently. Spelling bee

These Trinity students will be representing the school at the county spelling bee.

Geography bee

The geography bee featured 10 school finalists from grades 4th – 8th. The entire middle school attended the competition and tested their own knowledge of geography by  writing their answers to the questions during the bee. The winner (above) will participate in a written test to determine if he will advance to the regional GeoBee.

Elem art 1-13

B is for being creative! Elementary students crafted a cheerful variety of snowmen to greet visitors to the Elementary wing of the school. The Warrior basketball snowman looks ready for the next home game!

Secondary art 1-13

Secondary art 3 1-13

B is for the beauty of creation. Middle school students in Elective Art class used their skills to draw some of God’s amazing creatures.

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